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Now also streaming in North America

TV Series

Code of Law (Seasons 1-4)
with Weiyu Films for MediaCorp Channel 5, Singapore

Theatre Production
People, Places & Things
with Pangdemonium! Theatre Company

April 2023


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From leading man on screen and stage, regional commercial advertisements, to international voice campaigns, Keagan has amassed a wealth of experience over his 29-year career.

Born in Western Australia, Keagan began his acting career at the age of 18, playing opposite Hollywood actor, Heath Ledger. His versatility and passion for his craft over the years has resulted in a wide variety of roles throughout his career in Australia and South-East Asia, with a strong base in Singapore.

Through his strong on-screen and stage presence, Keagan has created and cultivated many memorable leading roles in film, television and theatre.

An impassioned and dedicated actor, Keagan has proved himself to be versatile, believable and true to every character he has played.

With unwavering commitment to the art of acting, Keagan continues to practice, inspire, and create.