Television - CODE OF LAW Seasons 1-4 (scenes) - 2012-2018

Directors: Thean-Jeen Lee & Glenn Chan

Produced by: Weiyu Films for MediaCorp, Singapore

Highlights of Keagan in his reprising lead role of Jacob Fernandez in Code of Law. A team of police investigators and top criminal lawyers giving you a glimpse into the criminal justice system of Singapore.

Film - AFTER IMAGES (scenes) - 2013

Director: Tony Kern

Produced by: Mythopolis Films, Singapore

A collection of horror films appear in the ashes after a group of artists burn cameras as offerings to the dead. Watch the full movie here.

Short Film - THE MANIFEST (Full) - 2017

Director: Sanif Olek

Produced by: Zhao Wei Films, Singapore

We explore the dynamics between two Singaporean space engineers on a mission for the Singapore Space Agency, more than a hundred years into the future. Part of the anthology "Together Apart", the project was commissioned by the Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore.

Television - STORMWORLD (scenes) - 2008

Directors: Mark DeFriest, Ted McQueen Mason

Produced by: Great Western Entertainment, Australia

Stormworld is an Australia-Canadian television drama children's series about two boys' adventure in an alien world after they are accidentally transported there via a vortex.

Film - WOODY ISLAND (Trailer) - 2010

Director: Brendan Ritchie

Produced by: Old School Media, Australia

A remote island. A few lucky campers. A mysterious caretaker. Welcome to Woody Island.

Music Video - LOST by VOYAGER (Full) - 2010

Director: Ben Berkhout

Produced by: Benja-Mind Images & Frogmore Road Productions Australia

Voyager is a progressive metal band from Perth, Western Australia. This was a music video shot for one of their released singles 'LOST' in 2010.

Short Film - RENT-A-FRIEND (Full) - 2012

Director: Jeanette Lim

Produced by: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Greg, a professional friend, realises that far from the perfect 'instant companion' solution to his clients, he is actually just a means to their ends; a superficial stand-in, and he gradually comes to terms with these revelations.

Short Film - THE TRACK (Trailer) - 2009

Director: Justin Walters

Produced by: Pants Productions, Australia

We follow the journey of Jack, who is stranded in an old country town after a big night out, trying to get back to the city. A discovery of what's really important in one's life and being present in the moment.


Short Film - TRIXIE CLUB (Full) - 2008

Director: Kyle Van Heerden

Produced by: WASAD, Australia

This is a story about Jack, an average man, who is out for fun on his bucks night, little does he know that one too many drinks can change his life forever and teach him that Love can be a Drag.

TV Commercial - LENOVO K900 IDEAPHONE - 2013

Director: -

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore

Introducing the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 in an espionage spy situation.

Telemovie - THE LOVE MACHINE (scenes) - 2015

Director: Ler Jiyuan

Produced by: Bird Man Dog Productions for MediaCorp, Singapore

Keagan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 21st Asian Television Awards in 2016. Set in Singapore, a few years into the future, The Love Machine is about a group of lonely, isolated individuals struggling to find love in an era where the dating process is increasingly dominated by technology.

TVC - Audi A8 - Understands, only like a person can - 2018

Director: Warren Klass

Agency: Publicis, Singapore