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Art speaks where words are unable to explain.
Matheus Lopez, Artist @mathiole

Creatively, Keagan has been involved in many facets of the arts. They include creative writing, sculpting, poetry, music, performing arts in the form of dancing and acting, and the visual art medium of painting.


The works of Australian-born artist, Keagan Kang is a window to his deepest emotions and he describes his paintings as a ‘cathartic release’ and a journey into finding truth within self expression through art and imagery.


Since 1995, Keagan has worked as a professional actor on stage and screen. He draws from his acting experience; emotions and an in-depth understanding of the human condition as an inspiration and canvas for his art.


‘As an actor, you must embody the spirit of the character. Emotion becomes the colour you use to express and portray the role you are playing in the story. Along with history, purpose, reason and intent, emotion is what the character feels and you become the canvas that the audience is looking at.’


Likewise, his artwork is an honest reflection of his personal journey and narrative - of struggle, of hope, of strength, of emotional truth. He hopes these subject matters resonate with his viewers just as much as it does with him.


Keagan is a self-taught artist whose free-form contemporary works reflect themes of love, peace and a vibrant spirit. His preferred medium is acrylic on canvas.

Keagan sells fine art prints of his pieces re-produced on archival paper under his art & wellness lifestyle brand, The Kynd Studio.

TheKyndStudio PeacefulBuddha-01.png
TheKyndStudio SpiritoftheHeart-01.png
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